Academic emails homework

Send your teacher an email for which a reply from that person would really be useful.

Suggested topics

Advice about an application/ Asking for feedback on an application

Advice about studying abroad

Advice on a paper/ essay/ dissertation you are writing or thinking of writing

Advice on getting published (perhaps with samples of articles in suitable publications and/ or a link to

Advice on one aspect of academic writing, e.g. titles or references

An enquiry about something you didn’t (fully) understand in class

Asking for feedback on some aspects of something you have written (probably attaching it)

Asking for more details about something the teacher presented/ said

Asking how to catch up with missed lessons and/ or homework

Asking the teacher to clear up an apparent contradiction (e.g. between what this teacher said and what someone else wrote or said, or between two things the teacher said)

Explanation of a language point

Following up something you said to the teacher

Self-study advice

Something related to a future lesson or course


PDF for easy saving and printing: Academic emails homework

Academic emails main page

Teaching Emailing: Interactive Classroom Activities

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