Make sentences challenges game

(Challenges 1 Get Ready and Module 1)

I am from Turkey
he is Greek she
speaks Portuguese what nationality
are they your friends
nice to meet you
my sister’s daughter is
my niece son nephew
it is the thirty first
of December our great grandmother
is seventy nine how old
are your cousins her
cousin is blond their
dog is big it
is my ninth birthday
today his birthday is
on the seventh of
July my younger brother’s
birthday is in January
the bookshelves are next
to a plant my
favourite subject is physical education
the woman is between
two men the cupboard
is in front of
the fire extinguisher we get
up at quarter seven
we finish school at
ten to past three
listen to me maths
is our favourite subject
these are my computer games
those are his magazines
their dog is an
Alsatian she is a
police officer I use Tippex
every day put these
staples in the stapler
take a photo of
us the torch is
between the light switch
and the whiteboard we
are all under the
ceiling can I have
some Blu Tack please my
jaw is between my
throat and my nose
your eyebrows are under
your forehead our elbows
are between our shoulders
and our hands that
poster is fantastic how
do you spell fantastic
fantastic means very good
my index finger is next
to my thumb your
armpit is under your
shoulder they have long
eyelashes their cousin is
thin he has one
wife and three children
we were born in

Students win one card for each question they get right, for example guessing what word you are describing. They then get one more card for each sentence they can make with their cards. The blank ones can be given as Jokers (any word they want it to be or they can write any word on it) or to allow them to choose a word every once in a while.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Make sentences challenge game

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