Opinions on science and technology

Give opinions about technology topics on the next two pages and see if you can agree with your partner.  

Possible things to give opinions about

cause and effect/ consequences/ reasons

comparisons/ contrasting

different generations

future predictions/ possibilities


government actions/ actions by the authorities/ actions by people in charge


people your age in your country

people’s actions

people’s level of interest/ knowledge/ worry

(reasons for) people’s opinions


problems and solutions

pros and cons

strong opinions

weak opinions

things you agree with

things you disagree with/ disapprove of

recommendations/ things that should change/ things that should be done

trends/ changes over time (declines, growth, etc)


Science and technology topics to give your opinion on

  • abacus
  • AI/ artificial intelligence/ machine learning
  • algebra
  • answerphones/ answer machines/ voice mail
  • AR/ augmented reality
  • (mental) arithmetic (addition/ adding up, subtraction/ taking away, multiplication and division)
  • geometry (trig/ trigonometry etc)
  • (belief in/ searching for) alien life
  • (smartphone/ tablet) app(lication)s/ (computer) software
  • astronomy/ cosmology
  • automation/ automated…
  • big data
  • biometric identification (voice recognition, facial recognition, etc)
  • biotech/ biotechnology
  • block-chain technologies (Bitcoin, etc)
  • bloggers/ blogging/ vloggers/ vlogging
  • Bunsen burners (in schools)
  • calculators
  • CO2/ carbon emissions/ carbon capture/ carbon sequestering
  • clamshell mobile phones
  • climate change/ global warming/ global temperatures/ the greenhouse effect
  • cloud computing/ the cloud
  • (laptop/ personal/ super) computers/ (computer) hardware
  • (use of/ uses of/ number of) contactless payment cards/ contactless…
  • (postgraduate) courses in science (BScs, MScs, scientific PhDs, etc)
  • DAB/ digital radio
  • defence technology
  • desktop computers/ PCs
  • digital cameras/ digital…
  • digital natives
  • downloadable…
  • driverless cars
  • emoji/ emoticons
  • fundamental particles
  • GM/ genetically modified…
  • green technology
  • (white hat/ black hat) hackers/ hacking/ data breaches
  • hatred of maths and science/ fear of maths and science
  • (the rate of) (scientific/ technological) innovation
  • the internet/ the world wide web/ online…/ … websites
  • IoT/ the internet of things
  • IT in schools (programming in schools, IWBs, etc)
  • LED light bulbs/ LED…
  • (new/ advanced/ artificial) materials
  • math/ maths/ mathematical skills/ (basic/in-)numeracy
  • miniaturisation/ miniature…/ the size of…
  • nanotechnology
  • nuclear power/ nuclear weapons
  • operating systems
  • paperless offices/ paperless…
  • patent applications/ patent disputes/ patent…/ patents
  • personalised medicine/ personalised…
  • phishing scams
  • PISA rankings in maths and science
  • podcasts
  • (light/ water/ air/ noise) pollution
  • popular science books/ magazines
  • pseudoscience
  • (Freudian) psychotherapy
  • radioactivity/ radiation
  • refrigeration (fridges, freezers, frozen food, etc
  • (peer-reviewed) research (papers)
  • robot hoovers (= robot vacuum cleaners)/ robot(ic)…
  • (nano/ micro) satellites/ satellite…
  • sci-fi/ science fiction
  • science/ STEM subjects (physics/ chemistry/ biology/ maths)
  • “the scientific method”
  • scientific controversies
  • scientific ethics/ scientific scandals (falsifying results, etc)
  • (circulation of/ influence of/ reputation of/ number of) scientific journals
  • (investment in/ amount of) scientific research
  • SMSs/ texts/ texting
  • social media (sites)
  • space exploration/ (reusable) spacecraft/ space tourism/ lunar exploration
  • spam
  • supersonic air travel
  • technological literacy
  • teleconferences/ video conferences
  • trust in science/ environmentalists/ nuclear power/ researchers
  • (cable/ satellite/ HD/ streaming) TV/ television/ telly/ the box
  • (deep sea) underwater exploration/ underwater…
  • vending machines
  • video games (video game consoles, video arcades, etc)
  • (computer) viruses/ virus protection
  • voice activated… (Siri, Amazon Echo/ Alexa, etc)
  • VoIP services such as Skype
  • VR/ virtual reality
  • wearable technology (smartwatches, etc)
  • (speed of/ availability of/ cost of) WiFi
  • women in science/ women in STEM subjects/ women in STEM careers
  • word processors


Write correct English for each of the “Japanese English” expressions below. None are correct in English as they are now.

appli X


degital X

digi camera X

eco technology X

high vision X

homep X

pasokon X

note pasokon X

rajio X

(computer) soft X

televi X

TV conference X

TV game X

wirus X

Check above.


Science and technology abbreviations

Without looking above, try to remember, work out or guess what the long form of each thing above is.

  • 3D…
  • app
  • AR
  • biotech
  • BSc
  • DAB
  • fridge
  • GM
  • HDTV
  • IoT
  • IT
  • IWB
  • LED
  • math(s)
  • mobile
  • MSc
  • OS
  • PC
  • sci-fi
  • SMS
  • STEM
  • trig
  • vlog
  • VR
  • www

Use the mixed words below to help with the task above. Some words can be used more than once.

  • augmented
  • audio
  • bachelor of
  • biological
  • broadcasting
  • computer
  • definition
  • digital
  • dimensions/ dimensional
  • diodes
  • emitting
  • engineering
  • fiction
  • genetically
  • high
  • information
  • interactive
  • internet
  • -lication
  • light
  • master
  • mathematics
  • maths
  • messaging
  • modified
  • of
  • operating
  • personal
  • phone
  • reality
  • refrigerator
  • science
  • service
  • short
  • system
  • technology
  • television
  • the
  • trigonometry
  • video
  • virtual
  • web
  • whiteboard
  • wide
  • world

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