There is/ are/ was/ were and household vocab writing tasks

Writing tasks to practice there is/ are/ was/ were

Write a description of your house

Write a letter or email to someone who you will swap houses with for a holiday (so you can both go on holiday somewhere different without paying for a hotel) describing your home and the things nearby

Write a report on if employees are happier or not since they moved to the company’s new office and why

Write an article for the school student magazine or a local newspaper describing how the school was different when your grandfather studied there

Write a postcard to your parents describing the hotel, hostel, campsite or caravan you are staying in and telling them how it is different from the last place that you all went on holiday together

Write an email or letter of complaint telling the holiday company how the hotel was different from what it said in their brochure and that you want a refund

Write a recipe, including information on the vitamins, protein etc that is in the finished dish

Writing tasks to practice the vocabulary of homes

Write a pamphlet describing a home that is for sale

Write a page of a brochure for a hotel, hostel, B&B (= bed and breakfast) or campsite

Write a notice telling people the house rules of a student house

Details on writing the things above

An informal email/ an informal letter/ a penfriend letter- see New English File Elementary pg 25

A magazine article- see New English File Elementary pg 37

A description- see New English File Elementary pg 49

A postcard- see New English File Elementary pg 73

A recipe- see New English File Elementary pg 85

A formal email- see New English File Elementary pg 97


PDF version for easy saving and printing:Writing tasks to practice there is are was were

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