New Cutting Edge Intermediate Modules 1 and 2 Past Continuous mimes

Continue one of the actions below until someone shouts “Stop”. They should then try to guess your action, starting with the words “When I shouted stop, you…” 

  1. You were hanging out
  2. You were playing with your friends
  3. You were holding your stomach
  4. You were making a hideous face
  5. You were putting on smart clothes
  6. Your were writing a text (= an SMS)
  7. Your were writing on the board
  8. You were eating something weird
  9. You were looking at some impressive architecture
  10. You were looking after a baby
  11. You were looking at something far away
  12. You were suffering from flu
  13. You were taking aspirin
  14. You were using a washing machine
  15. You were using a dishwasher
  16. You were putting petrol (= gas = gasoline) in your car
  17. You were feeling exhausted
  18. You were preparing a microwave meal
  19. You were giving someone a lift (= giving someone a ride)
  20. You were crying
  21. You were feeling frightened
  22. You were tidying up your room
  23. You were using a slot machine
  24. You were queuing (= standing in line)
  25. You were bumping into people
  26. You were putting on a tracksuit
  27. You were beating someone up
  28. You were threatening someone
  29. You were feeling embarrassed
  30. You were feeling furious
  31. You were arresting someone
  32. You were struggling with a suitcase
  33. You were struggling with your homework
  34. You were patting a dog
  35. You were taking oxygen
  36. You were attending a gig
  37. You are playing in a band
  38. You are breathing fresh air
  39. You are walking around
  40. You are following someone

Test your partner on the vocabulary in italics above.

Possible questions

  • spelling
  • meaning
  • verb/ adverb/ noun/ adjective/ preposition
  • syllables
  • pronunciation
  • differences
  • vowels
  • example sentences
  • stress
  • opposites
  • another way
  • together with
  • American/ British English 

What language can you use to say you forget and remember?

What are the expressions with these words?

  • Clue
  • Idea
  • Once
  • Exactly
  • Coming back
  • Tongue
  • Pretty
  • Later
  • Recollection
  • Blank
  • Memorize
  • By heart
  • As far
  • To mind
  • Somewhere
  • Recall
  • Got me
  • Gone
  • The way

Check with your worksheet from the other lesson and then test each other on those missing words in pairs, using similar phrases if you can’t remember (for a while).

Do the same with gapped sentences.

Numbers 36 to 40 on the previous page are all part of the same story. Try to guess the content of the story and then listen and check.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Cutting Edge Int Mod 1 and 2 Past Continuous mimes

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