Literature and reading discussion questions

Worksheet 1- Question brainstorming
Ask each other questions about your reading likes and habits, trying to use a selection of the types of questions below:

• How often…?

• What kind/ sort…?

• When…?

• Where…?

• How long…?

• How many…?

• What’s/ who’s your favourite…?

• Have you ever…?

• Do you like…?

• How…?

• What happens…?

• When did you first/ last…?

Literature and reading discussion questions
Worksheet 2- Suggested questions

• How often do you read novels/ do you read in English/ do you go to the library/ do you buy books?

• What kind/ sort of magazines/ books do you like?

• When do you usually read?

• Where do you usually read?

• How long do you read in a stretch/ have you been reading in English?

• How many books do you read in a year/ books have you read in English?

• What’s your favourite novel/ book/ Who’s your favourite author?

• Have you ever read poetry/ read Harry Potter in English/ read a novel and seen the film?

• Do you like horror/ thrillers?

• How do you choose which books to read?

• Whose recommendations/ advice about books do you listen to?

• What happens at the end/ in your favourite love story?

• When did you first/ last read Harry Potter?


PDF version for easy printing: Literature and reading discussion questions

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