Comparative and superlative games, worksheets, stories and songs

About 31 PDFs and other teaching ideas for teaching both superlatives and comparatives together, plus  many many more on pages for teaching just comparative adjectives and just superlative adjectives. If you find anything useful here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 18 March 2022

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Business comparatives and superlatives page

Articles on teaching comparative and superlative adjectives

How to teach comparative and superlative (with lots of games combining the two)

Comparatives and superlatives tips and activities (some okay game ideas- from – LINK FIXED

Photocopiable comparative and superlative classroom activities

Comparative and superlative miming games

Comparative and superlative discuss and agree

Comparative and superlative stories (All for Julie, the Prettiest Girl and The Sharpest Chin in the World)

Describing products with comparative and superlative selling game

Comparatives and superlatives recommendations challenge

Comparative and superlative personalised speaking games

Your city recommendations Comparative and superlative (for Cutting Edge Int, but useable without the book)

Adjectives Compare your weeks

Food vocabulary comparatives and superlatives

Comparatives and superlatives last weekend

Comparatives and superlatives table

Comparative and superlative stories/ Comparative and superlative picture books

I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean (only bigger and biggest, but funny story with very simple language – link to animated version and link to read through with nice sound effects)

I’m the Scariest Thing in this Castle (scarier, scariest and cutest, similar to the one above but with y changes to i and good theme for Halloween – link to read through)

Comparative and superlative stories (All for Julie, the Prettiest Girl and The Sharpest Chin in the World, by me)

Small Smaller Smallest by Corina Fletcher and Natalie Marchall (only a few adjectives and superlative doesn’t really have context as it’s one thing that’s changing, but pulling the flaps at least makes drilling more fun – link to listing)

Big, bigger, biggest adventure by Kate Banks (rather expensive on Amazon – see link – but worth it if you happen to see a cheaper copy)

Pig, pigger, piggest by Rick Walton (long retelling of Three Little Pigs with complex language but could simplify by using the pictures – link to read through on YouTube)

Comparative and superlative online games

Comparatives and superlatives basketball (basic graphics and gameplay, but some nice tricky questions for three points – from Mark’s English School)

Comparative and superlative songs

And see the links above for comparative songs and superlative songs

Comparative superlative song from Rockin’ English (very simple, with okay tune and good visuals to make the meanings clear)

7 Responses to Comparative and superlative games, worksheets, stories and songs

  1. Patricia says:

    Great activities!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. alexbarboza says:

    Thanks a lot for these links :)

  3. michelle says:

    thank you

  4. Eva Kissoon says:

    Useful activities, thanks.

  5. GiuliaZ says:

    Very useful activities, thank you! I notice there are no songs… I would suggest you to include “Accidentally in Love” :)

  6. alexcase says:

    Good point. I moved all the comparative ones and superlative ones to their own pages, leaving none here… Any ideas for songs with both comparative and superlative, anyone?

  7. alexcase says:

    Could only find one decent one with both, from Rockin’ English, just added.

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