Comparative and superlative games, worksheets, stories and songs

Updated 22 June 2017

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Photocopiable comparative and superlative classroom activities

Comparative and superlative stories (All for Julie, the Prettiest Girl and The Sharpest Chin in the World) – NEW

The best ways to learn English (self-study discussion and superlatives presentation and practice)

Food and drink comparatives discuss and agree

Recommendations with superlatives

Comparing places comparative adjectives practice

Comparative adjectives roleplay meeting

Describing products with comparative and superlative selling game

Requests and comparative adjectives speaking and presentation

Self-study tips discussion comparative adjectives practice

Superlatives picture challenge game (for young learners, but adaptable for adults)

Superlatives animals dimensions guessing game (ditto)

Comparatives and superlatives recommendations challenge

Comparative and superlative personalised speaking games

Comparing the past and the present comparatives

Your city recommendations Comparative and superlative (for Cutting Edge Int, but useable without the book)

Comparing language Discuss and agree

Adjectives Compare your weeks

Engineering dimensions and comparisons games (with lots of adjectives)

Technical English measurements lesson (superlatives and number review)

Business comparatives boasting game

Email/ SMS/ letter/ telephoning comparatives game (based on a game in English File 1)

Food vocabulary comparatives and superlatives

Superlatives numbers trivia

Comparatives and superlatives last weekend

Comparing place and things for tourists (specific to Tokyo but fairly easy to write for other places)

Comparative adjectives to explain your culture (specific to Japan but fairly easy to write for other cultures you know well)

Numbers guessing games (saying “much longer”, “a little heavier” etc until they get exactly the right answer) on Olympics,   computing, architecture, Japan, business and medicine  (last one needs subscription to site)

Agreeing on comparisons (combining it with opinions – for Business Result but easily adaptable)

Office vocabulary comparatives guessing game

English File 1 Units 6 to 8 Vocabulary revision comparatives game (game easily adaptable for other classes)

Customer service comparisons and discussion

Comparative adjectives How questions personality quizzes

Like/ Would like plus comparatives discussion

Comparatives and superlatives table

Comparatives table version two

Comparative and superlative stories

Comparative and superlative stories (All for Julie, the Prettiest Girl and The Sharpest Chin in the World) – NEW

Big, bigger, biggest adventure by Kate Banks (rather expensive on Amazon – see link – but worth it if you happen to see a cheaper copy)

Pig, pigger, piggest by Rick Walton

Things that are most in the world by Judy Barrett (link is to someone reading the book on YouTube)

Comparative and superlative songs

Record breakers (superlatives song with visuals and printable worksheets from British Council LearnEnglishKids site)

Fighter by Christina Aguilera chorus (youtube video with lyrics but bad quality and no worksheets)

Anything you can do I can do better (kids make up their own verses with comparatives challenging each other)

15 songs with comparatives excerpts (Luiz Otavio’s ELT page)

Comparative and superlative online games

Comparatives and superlatives basketball (basic graphics and gameplay, but some nice tricky questions for three points – from Mark’s English School)

Superlatives catcher (move a fox to catch the superlatives and avoid the comparatives, could be used before the grammar presentation- good graphics and music and fun but not much language- from ESL

4 Responses to Comparative and superlative games, worksheets, stories and songs

  1. Patricia says:

    Great activities!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. alexbarboza says:

    Thanks a lot for these links 🙂

  3. michelle says:

    thank you

  4. Eva Kissoon says:

    Useful activities, thanks.

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