Your city Comparatives and superlatives recommendations and quiz

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 3

Ask your partner about one of their recommendations for one of the things below

• The nearest countryside

• The cheapest day out

• The biggest green area

• The mellowest Sunday afternoon

• The most peaceful park

• The most pleasant shopping street

• The most relaxing place

• The most historic area

• The most traditional food

• The most impressive modern architecture

• The most cosmopolitan area

• The most romantic evening

• The most interesting museum

• The most exciting sport to watch

• The most unusual religious building

• The healthiest day out

• The friendliest bar or restaurant

• The best view

• The most fun nightlife

Useful language

I’d (probably/ really/ strongly) recommend…+ ing

You (really) must/ have to…

Don’t miss…+ ing

Make sure you…

Whatever you do,…+ imperative

If I were you, I’d (definitely)…


You (really) should…

You could… (if you like)

(I think that) … would be your kind of thing

I’ve heard that… is great/ fantastic/ beautiful/ unforgettable

It is (well) worth… + ing (…)

(I think/ I guess/ I’m sure/ I bet) you’ll like/ really like/ love…


From memory or your grammar knowledge, write the superlatives of the adjectives you talked about above.

• near

• cheap

• big

• mellow

• peaceful

• pleasant

• relaxing

• historic

• traditional

• impressive

• cosmopolitan

• romantic

• interesting

• exciting

• unusual

• healthy

• friendly

• good

• fun

What are the rules?

Using those rules, make the comparative and superlative of these adjectives:













Using any of those adjectives, test each other on your knowledge of the town or city you are in now, then move on to similar questions about the whole country and the world

Try to answer the questions on page 26


PDF for easy saving and printing:

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