Describing your city Similarities and differences

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 3

Describe places in your city that tourists could go to by comparing them to places they are more likely to know like the Louvre, Oxford Street or Kyoto. Agree with your partner how similar each thing is to the thing you are comparing it to, and what the differences are.

Shopping areas

City centre


Museums and art galleries

Amusement parks

Amusement arcades

Shopping centres (= shopping malls)

Religious buildings (churches, mosques, cathedrals, temples, synagogues, abbeys, monasteries, convents and shrines)

Water features (rivers, lakes, streams, fountains, etc)

Green spaces (parks, gardens, botanical gardens etc)



Zoos and safari parks

Markets (e.g. street markets)

Historical areas


Hills and mountains

Palaces, forts and castles

City walls

Ceremonial gates

Ceremonies (e.g. changing of the guards)

Stately home/ Mansion/ Manor house

Clock towers


Department stores


Cable cars



Parliament/ Senate

PM’s or President’s residence

Ferris wheel (= big wheel)

Town hall/ City hall

Theatres, opera houses or concert halls


Bridges (including pedestrian bridges)


Useful language

Similarities and differences

(exactly/ totally/ more or less/ almost/ about) the same as

(very/ slightly) similar to

(completely/ very) different from


slightly/ a bit/ a little/ a tiny bit/ a little bit/ a lot/ far … er/ more … than….

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