Similarities and differences between words for describing places

FCE Result Unit 2

Pick any of the pairs of words below and explain how similar or different they are, plus at least one way in which they are similar and at least one way in which they are different. Sometimes the only difference is British and American English or a grammatical difference. To score a point, your statements must be true and use at least one expression for comparing and contrasting which no one has used so far today.

  • amusement arcade/ amusement park
  • apartment block/ block of flats
  • apartment/ apartment block
  • apartment/ flat
  • apartment/ mansion
  • attractive/ beautiful
  • avenue/ lane
  • beach/ coast
  • beautiful/ stunning
  • birthplace/ hometown
  • building/ office building
  • car park/ parking lot
  • cathedral/ church
  • cinema/ movie theater
  • cinema/ theatre
  • city/ town
  • commuter town/ suburb
  • compared with these two locations/ comparing these two locations
  • congested/ crowded
  • council estate/ housing estate
  • county/ state
  • department/ department store
  • downtown/ in the town centre
  • factory/ plant
  • farm/ field
  • foothill/ hill
  • forest/ jungle
  • forest/ wood
  • gas station/ petrol station
  • green space/ park
  • high street/ main street
  • high-rise building/ skyscraper
  • hill/ mountain
  • in the city/ urban
  • in the countryside/ rural
  • in the suburbs/ on the outskirts
  • island/ peninsular
  • isolated/ remote
  • lake/ pond
  • lane/ road
  • large/ wide
  • market/ supermarket
  • neighbour/ neighbourhood
  • park/ public garden
  • path/ pavement
  • pavement/ sidewalk
  • peak/ plateau
  • pedestrianised area/ traffic-free zone
  • river/ stream
  • road/ street
  • scenery/ view
  • shop/ store
  • shopping centre/ shopping mall
  • small/ tiny
  • town/ village

Brainstorm language for talking about similarities and differences 

Expressions to talk about differences


Expressions to talk about similarities


Use similar language to describe two places.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Similarities and differences between words for describing places

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