Meetings and negotiations needs analysis and introduction

Ask your partner questions to find out their experience and needs in this area, and write brief notes in the boxes below

You– Name, job, education, etc.
You and meetings in English- Who/ Where/ When/ What about/ Your role
Studies (of these skills, and of Business and General English)
Knowledge of these skills
Strengths and weaknesses
Best way of learning these skills (in your opinion)


Discuss the last question above as a class


On your own or with your partner, put the things that you could cover in class in order of priority or write a number next to them.

Importance Classroom activity
  Cultural differences between Korean meetings and negotiations and those in English speaking countries such as Britain and America
  Cultural differences between Korean meetings and negotiations and those in other non-native English speaking countries
  Error correction
  Language for scheduling meetings
  How to write minutes
  How to write an agenda
  How to chair a meeting
  Customer- supplier negotiations
  Trade negotiations
  Interrupting and turn-taking
  Starting and ending meetings
  Small talk at the beginning and end of meetings
  Negotiating with people within your company
  Idiomatic language used in meetings


Try to agree on a top ten with the rest of the class

What language did you use during the previous stage to do the following things?


Start the discussion/ negotiation
Move the discussion on
Soften your position/ Compromise
Ask other people to contribute
Bring the discussion to a close


What other language could you have used? Write possible phrases in the boxes above, then check your answers with another group or the whole class.


You will study other language for the same purposes during the course, and also have lots of opportunities to practice it, so please keep this worksheet handy.


PDF version for easy printing: MeetingsNegotiationsNeedsIntro

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