Speculating Getting to Know You games

Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Speaking Parts One and Two

Say things that you think you know or can guess about the present, past or future of your partner, using one of the phrases below. You will get that many points if your statement is correct but lose that many points if your statement is not true. Please stick to the topics below.

Phrases for stating and guessing

I know for sure that…/ I know for a fact that… – 6 points

obviously… – 5 points

almost certainly… 4 points

probably… 3 points

may/ might/ maybe/ perhaps – 2 points

could possibly… 1 point

Getting to know you/ Needs analysis/ FCE Speaking Part One topics

– Other languages

– Using English

– Studying English (including self-study)

– English language exams, including FCE

– Other studies

– Arts and media

– Daily routine

– Food and drink

– Free time/ Hobbies

– Friends and family

– Health and fitness

– Home

– Technology

– Transport and travel

– Work


Without looking above but using Speaking Part Two pictures to help you think of ideas, try to write a list of language used for speculating, including things not above.


Suggested speculating phrases for FCE Speaking Part Two

(In approximate order of their usefulness for FCE Speaking Part Two)

1. …seems…/ …looks…

2. I guess/ I imagine…

3. …is obviously…

4. …probably…

5. …might/ may/ maybe/ perhaps…

6. …clearly…

7. I’m not sure exactly but…

8. …appears…/ …looks like…

9. I reckon…/ I suppose…

10. I’m fairly sure…

11. I get the impression that…/ My initial impression is…

12. …is almost certainly…

13. …must…

14. …could (possibly)…

15. I’m pretty confident that…

16. I expect…

17. I know for sure that…/ I know for a fact that…

Using phrases like those above, work together (in English) to remember or guess things about your teacher or a classmate in another group.

Using the phrases to express your level of certainty or uncertainty, make those statements to the whole class. Your teacher will give a number of points to that statement based on the phrases you use and your pronunciation, then add or take away that many points from your score depending on the truth of what you said. 

Use the speculating language to describe some FCE Speaking Part Two photos (just single photos to start with).


PDF version for easy saving and printing: speculating getting to know you games

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