Friends Series 6 Episode 4 – Sentence halves matching

The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance

Worksheet 1- Sentence halves matching

(Plot Summary- Just as Joey discovers that his health insurance has lapsed due to lack of work, he gets a hernia whilst lifting weights. Phoebe plans to make the most of her last days on Earth when her psychic tells her she’s going to die.)

Using your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, and the plot summary above, try to join together the dialogue below. Then watch the episode to check.

Sentence starters

It all adds

Saved by

Aren’t these candle

That was the head of the Palaeontology

Remember that paper I had published last year


Saved your

She told me I’m going to die this week,

I’ve just never seen a guy stare so hard at a piece of paper

You’ve got something from the Screen

They’re saying your health


There’s never a good time to have to stop

Didn’t you think I was dead?

They think they can do better,

Someone out there may have

I got this blinding pain, then I passed

We could sneak

We can come

Phase the accent

This is Doctor MacNeilly from the fake-accent university.

Take 36

Is it alright with you if I scream right up

Obviously, I screwed

You just take a

Sentence endings

been bad- mouthing you all over town.

out and I haven’t been able to stand up since.

in and watch.


the bell!


big, big swing.

sticks mine?


on sediment flow rate ?

so I’m kinda bummed about that.



that didn’t have naked chicks on it.

Actor’s Guild.

Did that not come off?

but they all come crawling back.


We’d like you to come on board with us full-time.

is up!

until you say  ‘Action’?

insurance expired.


catching fire.

back and we can haunt these guys.


Friends Series 6 Episode 4
Worksheet 2- Post-viewing Vocab Revision Sheet

Long before modern unions were thought of, craftsmen joined themselves into _________ to protect their jobs and position in society.

I didn’t go for his explanation at first, but thinking about it, it all ______ up.

It looks like he could be promoted to ______ of the department.

My girlfriend thinks it’s demeaning to call girls ‘____________’.

Lights! Cameras! __________!

It took 35 ________ before the director was satisfied with the crucial scene of the film.

Rather than get rid of the scheme immediately, they decided to ________ it out over the next two years.

I tried really hard to get it right, but just __________ it up.

He’s been working on his golf __________.

It was impossible to guess who had commited the murder ______ up until the final page.

Whilst she was in the shower, the thief _______ in to her room and stole her handbag from her bed.

She got a __________ pain in her head, then _________ out on the kitchen floor.

She said she was leaving me forever, but I knew she’d come ________ back after a couple of weeks.


PDF for easy printing: Friends S 6 E 4

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