Anecdotes bluff

Landmark Advanced Unit 4

Choose one of the situations below and tell a personal anecdote about it. After you finish, your partner will guess whether your story is true or made up.

An accident on my bike or a near miss Déjà vu A rude gesture
A (virtually) deserted place A sixth sense A car accident or near miss
An unnecessary worry Road rage The last train/ The second to last train
Abuse/ Insults Intuition Beat up/ Knock someone’s head off
Motorway Putting something off Swerve
A mental list Asking for a ciggie/ a fag An onerous task
A call of nature/ Taking a leak/ Headhunting Being kicked out
Between jobs Economical with the truth A drink problem
Hard-up A hanky A sarny
Specs A woolly The zapper
Feeling peckish Feeling parched Feeling gutted
Feeling shattered Tipsy/ Sozzled The powder room/ smallest room/ WC
Come up for a coffee A lady of the night/ A prozzie Fall off the back of a lorry
A bun in the oven Weed/ Black/ Maria/ Grass Breaking wind/ A blow off/ A bottom burp

Useful language

You’ve got a real poker face!/ You’re a great liar/ You had me (totally) fooled

I thought so

I knew that you were lying/ making it up because…

I guess that it’s (pure) imagination

I’m not sure, but I’d say that it’s true

That seems believable

I’ve got an interesting story about…

Something happened to me (the other day) connected to…


PDF for easy saving and printing: LandmarkAdvancedAnecdotesBluff

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