Business English functional language games/ worksheets

Updated 2 February 2017

Functional language for Business skills

Meetings and negotiations page

Email language page

Telephone language page

Teleconferencing and video conferencing page

Business functional language index pages

Business functional language reviews

Business English language of advice page

Business language of opinions page

Business social English page

Enquiries and dealing with enquiries page

Describing your job/ company page

Complaints and dealing with complaints page

Travel English worksheets page

Other relevant pages

Small talk games/ worksheets – NEW LINK

General English functional language pages

Ones most likely to be useful for biz students:

Apologising games/ worksheets page

Beginning and ending conversations page

Clarifying/ checking worksheets page

Giving directions page

Making arrangements page

Meeting and greeting page

Offers and requests page

Offers games/ worksheets page – NEW PAGE

Requests games/ worksheets page – NEW PAGE

Thanking phrases page

Other Business functional worksheets (for other and mixed Business English functions)

Offers in business practice

Politeness and formality in business requests

Business offers and invitations practice

Showing understanding and suggesting solutions

Britain or America? Business and social manners (with language of generalisation)

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  1. Rachel Tsateri says:

    Brilliant, thanks for sharing!

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