IELTS Academic Writing Part One map task games/ worksheets

IELTS Writing Task 1 maps PDFs. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 30 May 2020

Photocopiable IELTS map task classroom activities

IELTS map tasks error correction

Describing maps and directions The same or different (used in my IELTS classes, but needs a bit of editing down to be more focussed on things which are likely to be useful in the exam)

Linking map tasks to other parts of IELTS

Describing places The language of trends (including some vocabulary for describing places that could be used for map tasks, so good to link map tasks to line graph tasks)

IELTS Speaking Part One on accommodation

IELTS Speaking Part One on hometown

IELTS Speaking Part Two on people, places, actions, things and times and useful vocabulary for those tasks

Old official IELTS Writing Task One map tasks

Changes in Stokeford maps IELTS exam task

Tourist facilities maps IELTS exam task

Supermarket in Garlsdon maps IELTS exam task – LINK UPDATED

Changes in Chorleywood village maps IELTS exam task

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