Travel English telephone roleplays dice game

Work in twos or threes. Act out roleplays from below, roleplaying the whole conversation each time from the opening greeting to saying goodbye at the end. You can choose the roleplays by:

  • Rolling a dice and doing the roleplay which comes up with those numbers
  • Choosing random numbers without looking below and doing the roleplay which comes up with those numbers
  • Choosing any you like

Your teacher will tell you if you have free choice or must stick to one of those three.


First roll of the dice – who you are communicating with



Second roll of the dice – what you need to do


1.     Hotel

2.     Restaurant

3.     Travel agent/ Airline

4.     Bus station or train station

5.     Car rental

6.     Taxi/ Taxi firm



1.     Asking for information

2.     Booking/ Making a reservation

3.     Changing something

4.     Checking information

5.     Making a complaint

6.     Requesting


Do the same, but this time pretending that you are emailing. You can do this by passing pieces of paper backwards and forwards, or just by saying what you would write in each email. Continue until the end of the email exchange, then choose another situation above and do the same.

Do the same, but this time rolling the dice to decide if you will communicate by email or telephone. 1, 2 or 3 = telephone and 4, 5 or 6 = email.

Without the dice, roleplay some more realistic Travel English situations for you, for example:

  • With a company which arranges tours, tour guides or interpreters
  • With an attraction which you could visit during your trip, e.g. a museum, national park or zoo
  • Arranging a visa or checking the visa requirements
  • With a medical practitioner
  • With a bar

This time you can choose to communicate by how you really would communicate (by phone, text/ SMS, email, face to face, Skype, etc). You can do the same with non-travel situations if you can’t think of any (more) realistic travel situations.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Travel English phone roleplays dice game

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