Telephoning problems and solutions

In pairs, set your partner one of the telephoning problems below and ask for their solution and/ or roleplay the conversation:

1. You phone a colleague at home and a very young child who can only speak a few words answers

2. The telephone of the person who you are phoning has had a busy signal for so long that you are sure they aren’t speaking on the phone at all, but have accidentally left it off the hook

3. The person phoning you is speaking a language you don’t understand. Even when you reply in English, they still keep on speaking to you in the same language.

4. You get a phone call on your mobile from a foreign number you know belongs to one of your friends, but when you answer it all you can hear is the sound of a mobile moving around in a bag or pocket. You try hanging up, but every time you pick up the phone you still get the same noise.

5. You get an important call on your cell phone, but you know you only have a couple of seconds left on your battery

6. Your has an awful cough, so every time he phones you he nearly deafens you

7. The person who has phoned you asks for a number that you only have a record of on the mobile that you are speaking on

8. You were waiting for phone calls from 3 very important clients who you must speak to today. When you are on the way back from the toilet you hear the phone on your desk ringing, but by the time you get there it has stopped.

9. You miss a phone call on your mobile phone from a large important company your sometimes do business with, and you can’t tell from the number which person has called you and what it is about


PDF for easy saving and printing: TelephoneProblemsSolutions

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