Inventions guessing game (Modals of deduction)

Inside Out Upper Intermediate Unit 10

Draw one of the inventions below line by line, getting your partner to say what the drawing could be of each time, hopefully increasing in confidence as the drawing progresses.


Post Its Tippex Laptop


Hole punch Paperclip Vending machine

Automatic pencil

Answer machine Glue stick (Light) bulb

Fire extinguisher

(Electric) torch Steam engine MP3 player

Horse and cart Sundial Nuclear power station Sewing machine

Ballpoint pen (= Biro) Phillips screwdriver Air conditioning Horseshoe


Calculator USB stick Microscope

X ray

Microwave (oven) (Disposable) razor Zip (= Zipper)

Washing machine Dishwasher Tamagotchi Game Boy

False teeth Hoover (= Vacuum cleaner) Radio Clockwork

Mouse Sellotape

Clock (Wrist)watch

(Electric) fan Humidifier

Rice cooker Gas stove (= Gas cooker)

Gas fire

(Exhaust) muffler Intercom Thumbtacks (= Drawing pins)

Fountain pen

Ring binder Lever arch file

Do the same, but this time making guesses about the history of that object until your partner guesses which one you are talking about, e.g. “It must’ve been invented in Japan” or “It could have been invented to replace manpower”.

You are going to watch a video about the invention of the clockwork radio. Make guesses about how, when, why and by who it was invented, then watch the video and check.


PDF for easy saving and printing: InventionsGuessingModals

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