Roleplay meetings on Xmas and New Year topics

Choose one topic each from the list below and roleplay a whole meeting discussing and agreeing on those things, starting from greetings, small talk and getting down to business and ending with AOB, summarizing, checking that you have finished, etc.  

A company policy on gift giving between staff in the office

A company policy on giving (traditional) Xmas gifts/ New Year gifts to business contacts (customers, suppliers, etc)

A company policy on receiving (traditional) Xmas gifts/ New Year gifts to business contacts (customers, suppliers, etc)

A company policy on religious decorations, greetings etc over Xmas

A traditional Japanese (forget the year) New Year party

A Xmas party for children

A Xmas and/ or New Year message from the managers to staff

An office Xmas party (food and drink, getting the room ready, clearing up afterwards, etc)

Changing the company answerphone message to reflect the time of year

Changing the company’s financial year so that its end and start don’t clash with the festive season

Changing from Xmas decorations to (traditional Japanese) New Year decorations

Company Xmas cards

Decorations (in the office/ in the elevator hall/ outside the building)

Emergency cover during the Xmas/ New Year break (people being on call, etc)

Getting everything done before the Xmas/ New Year break

Getting rid of excess Xmas and New Year-themed goods (pamphlets, etc)

Giving to charities over Xmas/ New Year

Making the Xmas decorations etc less “Anglo”

Making Xmas and New Year more inclusive (for non-Christians, vegetarians, teetotallers, people with families, etc)

Opening hours of the office over Xmas and the New Year

Packing away the Xmas decorations

Secret Santa

The company cafeteria menu over the festive season

Xmas and/ or New Year-themed marketing

Xmas bonuses/ End of year bonuses


Ask about anything you don’t understand or would have problems discussing above, discussing them as a class each time.


Brainstorm suitable vocabulary for the discussion above into the categories below.

Xmas and New Year food and drink











Xmas and New Year decorations











People and animals related to Xmas and New Year











Traditional Xmas and New Year things specific to this country











How would you describe things above that people might not know, e.g. things in the last section above?


PDF for easy saving and printing: xmas meetings

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