Business negotiations Second conditional

Business Result Pre-Intermediate Unit 14

Choose one of the sentences below and write down whether you think your partner will accept the offer (YES) or reject it (NO). Then ask them the question to check. If the answer is no, explain why and try to negotiate a better deal.  


If I helped you meet one of your deadlines, would you do my work tonight so that I could go home early?

Would you have a party for people in your team if the company paid you for it?

Would you caddy for me if I arranged for you to come on a company trip to Hawaii?

If I found you a convenient and affordable apartment, would you let me stay in the spare room every time I missed the last train back to my home?


Useful language



“(That) sounds okay/ acceptable./ That would be possible. (As long as…)”

“I accept your proposal.”

“I think I could agree to that.”

“You’ve got a deal.”

“Sounds great. Where do I sign?”

“I’m not sure about that.”

“That’s more/ less than I would usually…”

“That would be difficult.”

“I’m afraid I can’t agree to that.”

Do the same, but adding the grammar to the questions below. 

___________ (you give) me a promotion if ________________ (my idea help) boost sales by 1%,?


If _________________ (I say) that my idea for the product launch was yours, _______________ (you make) me head of my department? 

If _________________ (I quote) you a price 50% below anyone else, ________________ (you use) me to decorate your house (even though I’m not a decorator)?


____________________ (you double) your next order if __________ (I can) deliver within one hour,? 

_______________ (you take) me to the Japan Grand Prix if _______________ (I double) my order,?


If ____________ (I pay) the invoice within one day, ___________ (you give) me a 30% discount on my next order? 

Continue with your own ideas.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Business negotiations Second conditional Pre Int

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  1. marcela says:

    Excellent exercise

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