Past continuous and Used to bluff

Worksheet 1- Sentence completion

Fill in at least half of the sentences below with a mixture of truth and imagination. Read out one of the sentences, and after asking you additional questions (to which you should continue to answer from reality or your imagination) your partner will guess whether it is true or false

I accidentally hit someone while ______________________________

I last cried while _________________________________________

The last time I shouted was while __________________________________

I last got angry while _______________________________________

I met my (ex) boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife while __________________

I was robbed while ___________________________________________

I was shouted at while ________________________________________

I was insulted while _________________________________________

I was criticized while ________________________________________

I was arrested while ____________________________________________

I lost something valuable while _____________________________________

I last felt nauseous (= felt sick) while _______________________________

I first felt like an adult while _______________________________________

I first/ last spent 500,000 won while ________________________________

I used to ________________________________________ until I was ten

I didn’t used to ____________________________________ until recently

I used to _____________________, but I don’t any longer (= I don’t anymore)

I used to ___________________________ until my mother told me to stop


Past continuous and Used to bluff

Worksheet 2- Presentations

Choose one of the topics below and talk about it for at least two minutes. Again, it can be a true or false story. Your partner won’t interrupt you or ask questions, so just keep on talking. When they have finished, they will guess if it is true or false.

A hobby I lost interest in

My oldest possession

A childhood possession I remember well

A concert I went to

A crime I witnessed

A car crash I saw or was in

A time I injured myself

A ceremony I really enjoyed

A nice/ unpleasant surprise

The most frightening thing that has ever happened to me

A concert I went to

A time when I got really lost

The first time I met _________________

What can you say when listening to an anecdote to show interest and encourage them to say more without interrupting?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Past continuous used to bluff

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1 Response to Past continuous and Used to bluff

  1. Pamela Ferner says:

    This is very good. I am always on the lookout for worksheets that get my students speaking (and speaking and speaking) and I am sure this will do it. Thanks.

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