FCE Writing Part Two tasks on the topic of language learning Updated 2015

Write an answer to one of the questions 2 – 5 in this part. Write your answer in 140-190 words in an appropriate style. 

  1. You see this advertisement in an international student magazine:
Library/ Self access centre in a language school

We are a London language school with students from all over the world, many of whom are staying for between three and nine months with the aim of entering an English-speaking university.

We need a multilingual person to help in the library/ self-access centre who:

–       can trouble shoot if there are problems with the equipment (computers etc)

–       can help students find suitable materials in the self-access centre

–       can give advice on self-study outside the school

Write and tell us why you are suitable for the job. Contact Mr Alex Case, School Principal.

Write your letter of application.

  1. You have seen this announcement in an international magazine:



Competition! Using technology to learn languages

The Internet             mp3 players           voice recorders

mobile phone and tablet applications

Which one of these kinds of technology do you think has affected language learning most? The best article will published in next month’s magazine. 

 Write your article.

  1. You have seen this notice in your college English language magazine:
English Club

Help us choose films for the club! Have you seen a movie which is good for learning English?

Send us a review of a movie which you learnt a lot from, saying why you think it was suitable for those purposes and what kinds of people might also find it useful.

We will publish the reviews in the club newsletter.

 Write your review.

  1. You have had a class discussion on studying English with and without the internet and your teacher has asked you to write a report giving advice on the best way of doing so. You should include information on the best ways to do so with and without the internet and a conclusion on which one is generally best.

Write your report.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: FCE Writing Part Two tasks on the topic of language learning Updated Jan 2015

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