Technology Find things in common

 Try to find things that you both used last week:

Electric toothbrush               Washing machine                Dishwasher

WiFi                                                 Kettle                                                Toaster

Bread maker                                      Chest freezer                                     Rice cooker

Tumble drier                                      Lava lamp                                          Nintendo DS

Video game machine                          Laptop                                              PDA

3G phone                                          Answer machine                  Flat screen television

Hands free phone                 Voice activated…                 Car alarm

Car navigation                                    MP3 player/ iPod                 Walkman/ personal stereo

Air conditioner                                   Remote control                                  Stereo

Massage chair                                   Wii Fit                                               Tamagotchi

Furby                                                Electric can opener                            Foot spa

Battery recharger                 Digital alarm clock               Projector

Digital voice recorder                          Spotlight                             Energy saving light bulbs

Water cooler                                      Ice cube dispenser               Fridge (= refrigerator)

Microwave (oven)                  Hoover (= vacuum cleaner)    3D glasses

Wireless LAN                                    Floppy disk                                       USB stick

Wireless mouse                                 Touch screen                                     Desk lamp

Instant camera (= instamatic camera)                                            Fax (machine)

Scanner                              Digital photocopier               Colour printer

Colour photocopier               Laminator                                          Electric pencil sharpener

Food processor/ mixer/ blender/ juicer                                           Espresso machine

Drinks machine                                  Vending machine                 Ticket machine

Digital watch                                      Digital radio                                       Heat detector

Smoke detector                                 Laser pointer                                     Wireless keyboard

Boom box                                         CD ROM                             DVD ROM

Surround sound speakers     Home cinema                                    Motion detector

Wireless headphones                         GPS                                                 Electric blanket

Electric razor                                     Barcode reader                                  Universal remote control

Take turns choosing pairs of things from above and saying what they have in common. The thing in common must be different each time, e.g. you can’t use “They are used for making music” more than once in the game


PDF for easy saving and printing: Technology find things in common

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