Phonics games, worksheets, picture books and flashcards

Phonics PDFs and teaching tips. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Teaching phonics articles

Practising phonics with simple picture flashcards (article with ideas on how to use the flashcards here for games)

Photocopiable phonics classroom activities

Classroom vocabulary first letters games (TPR, drawing games and memory games)

Do you want phonics games

First letter phonics miming game

Phonics personalised yes/ no questions random pelmanism

Phonics yes/ no questions card games (coin game, make me say yes and pelmanism)

Colours, numbers and alphabet/ phonics drawing game

ai phonics drawing race

oa phonics drawing race

English Land 2 Units 1 and 2 phonics pelmanism

Phonics picture flashcards

ai phonics flashcards

ch phonics flashcards

ee phonics flashcards

Initial h phonics flashcards

j phonics flashcards

Initial k phonics flashcards

Initial m phonics flashcards

oa phonics flashcards

or phonics flashcards

Initial r phonics flashcards

Initial s phonics flashcards

Phonics picture books

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Updated 19 September 2022

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