Are they… or…? TPR games

with vocabulary from SPEC 1

Ask your partner “Are they… or…?” about two things in the room then race to touch the thing that they say, e.g. racing to touch at least two chairs if the question is “Are they tables or chairs?” and the answer is “They are chairs”.

Do the same, but this time making the question and answer word by word around the class, e.g. running to touch the board pens if you take turns saying “Are” “they” “windows” “or” “board pens” “They” “are” “board pens”.

Work in teams of at least two people. Your teacher will show the people whose turn it is the card and ask the rest of the class the “Are they… or…?” question on the card, e.g. “Are they fish or whales?” You and your partner(s) should both mime the thing that is underlined, then the other teams will try to guess what you are trying to act out.

Ask your partner to close their eyes and put two things of the same kind such as two plastic apples or two pens in your partner’s hands or in a bag on their lap. Ask “Are they… or…?” about those things. You get one point if they get the wrong answer.


Are they… or…? run and touch

Are they chairs or tables?
Are they windows or doors?
Are they bags or shoes?
Are the shoes or socks?
Are they boys or girls?
Are they pens or pencils?
Are they pencils or colouring pencils?
Are they students’ books or workbooks?
Are they ears or noses?
Are they hands or feet?
Are they arms or legs?
Are they ears or fingers?
Are they shoulders or toes?
Are they paperclips or staples?
Are they lights or switches?
Are they pencils or erasers?
Are they board pens or pens?
Are they erasers or board erasers?
Are they erasers or rulers?
Are they maps or posters?
Are they calendars or posters?
Are they maps or magnets?
Are they whiteboards or tables?


Are they… or…? miming game

Are they elephants or hippos?
Are they giraffes or horses?
Are they kangaroos or rabbits?
Are they crocodiles or snakes?
Are they octopuses or spiders?
Are they fish or sharks?
Are they ducks or chickens?
Are they cats or dogs?
Are they cats or tigers?
Are they cows or horses?
Are they birds or butterflies?
Are they pigs or hippos?
Are they boys or monkeys?
Are they robots or monkeys?
Are they bats or birds?


Are they bus drivers or office workers?
Are they office workers or doctors?
Are they police officers or fire fighters?
Are they teachers or grandfathers?


Are they combs or brushes?
Are they brushes or toothbrushes?
Are they pencils or pens?
Are they erasers or whiteboard erasers?
Are they towels or mirrors?
Are they rulers or books?
Are they books or notebooks?
Are they bags or pencil cases?
Are they doors or windows?
Are the drums or boxes?


Are they apples or oranges?
Are they oranges or lemons?
Are they oranges or bananas?
Are they oranges or watermelons?
Are they eggs or oranges?


Are they hats or sunglasses?
Are they jackets or sweaters?
Are they shorts or T-shirts?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Are they or TPR games SPEC 1

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