New Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate Modules 9 to 11 Revision Rotating Board Game


Illnesses and symptoms that your partner has had this year

Health advice that your partner agrees with

Predictions for the year 2111 that your partner agrees are true

Technology that your partner often uses


Things that you and your partner were doing at exactly the same time yesterday

Pretend to be a doctor asking a patient about their symptoms. One point for each question.


Things that are important to your partner

Accidents (big and small) that your partner has had

Things that your partner agrees were better 100 years ago

Things your partner used to do but doesn’t do now

Things that your partner agrees were worse 100 years ago.

Things your partner likes doing

Your partner’s family’s hobbies

Things your partner would like to do

Things your partner can’t stand

Things your partner doesn’t mind

Your partner’s hobbies

Your partner’s hobbies when they were younger


PDF for easy saving and printing: Cutting_Edge_Pre_Modules_9_to_11_Rotating_board_game

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