Business socialising discussion

Business socialising discussion

• What do you like doing in your free time, e.g. at weekends or after work?

• How much time do you spend with your colleagues, suppliers, clients and other business contacts outside work? What do you usually do together?

• How do you feel about business entertaining (= corporate hospitality)?

What do you think about the types of business entertaining below? Choose one and give your opinion on it, then your partner will give their

 Ryotei

 Geisha bar

 Karaoke box

 Golf

 Go kart racing

 Paintball

 A flight over this city, e.g. in a helicopter or balloon

 Casino

 Weekend in a hotel

 Hot springs resort

 Skiing

 Horse racing

Boat racing

 Sailing/ Party on a boat (e.g. yakatabune)

 Chain izakaya

 Chain pubs

 More authentic British or Irish pubs

 Live music/ Opera/ Ballet

 Club (= nightclub = disco)

 Meeting someone famous

 Theme bars, e.g. the prison theme bar in Kawasaki or the ninja theme bar in Akasaka

 Bars with attractive and scantily-dressed barmaids, e.g. Hooters or Budweiser bars

Hostess bars

Maid cafés

 Strip clubs/ Clubs with go go dancers

 Beer gardens

 Local bars/ Akachochin bars/ Mama-san bars

 Chain foreign restaurant, e.g. Saizeriya

 A more authentic foreign restaurant

 A very exclusive restaurant, e.g. one with Michelin stars

 An exhibition

 A café

 A cigar bar

Can you think of any way of classifying the things above more generally? Which categories are most and least suitable?

How do you think business entertaining varies by country?

The things in italics above don’t exist outside Japan or are different in other places. How could you describe those things to someone who didn’t know what they consisted of?

Which kinds of Japanese restaurants might be most and least suitable? How could you explain those kinds of restaurants?

How would you take these things into account when inviting someone to do something?

– Gender

– Age

– Attitudes to smoking

– Status

– Nationality

– Religion

– Dietary restrictions and preferences

Choose things from the list above and invite someone in your group to do it. They should respond with their own real feelings about that thing, including whether they are really available or not.

What language can you use for inviting people? How do those phrases differ from each other?


PDF version for easy printing: Business socialising discussion

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