Past continuous memory game

Ask your partner questions with “What were you doing at…?” and “What were you doing when…(you first/ last…)?” that you think they won’t know the answer to. When your partner asks you something you can’t remember or you are trying to think, use different phrases each time, e.g. “It’s on the tip of my tongue” or “I’ll kick myself when I remember this later”


at seven o’clock this morning/ at midday on the first of January/ at twenty two minutes past ten last night

when you heard about the Berlin Wall falling/ nine eleven/ the invasion of Iraq/ heard that Michael Jackson was dead

when you met your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife/ partner

when you last saw your grandmother/ last heard a Michael Jackson song/ last sang

when you first drank champagne/ drank alcohol

How many different ways do you know to say you remember or have forgotten something (either partially or fully)?


PDF for easy saving and printing: past continuous memory game

Past Continuous main page

1 Response to Past continuous memory game

  1. foufou says:

    Thank u. its an interactive game.i’ll do it with my pupils during the tutorial session.

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