There is/ There are games, worksheets and songs

About 53 there is and there are PDFs and other teaching ideas. If you find anything useful here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Articles on teaching There is/ There are

How to teach there is/ there are (with 25 practice activities)

Fun practice activities for there is/ are/ was/ were

The six blocks games in the fourth section of this article

Photocopiable there is/ there are classroom activities

Describing countries with there is/ there are games – NEW

There is/ There are and Xmas vocabulary drawing game

There is & there are guess the place

Is there/ Are there…? spelling games 

Is there/Are there trivia quiz

There is/ There are and ordinal numbers spelling game

How many are there and ordinal numbers hangman

Is there/ Are there and ordinal numbers hangman

Challenges 1 Units 1 to 11 there is/ there are hangman

How many… are there? trivia quiz

Is there/ Are there plus prepositions mix and match (“Are there four socks in the zoo?”)

How many… are there? spelling games

Is there a…? Are there any…? coin drawing game

What’s in the…? There is/ There are… pick and draw drawing game

There is/ are and like/ don’t like games

How many are there pick and draw drawing games

There is/ There are stacking games

How many are there? games (with prepositions of position)

There is/ There are plus prepositions make me say yes game

There is/ There are numbers guessing game

There is/ There are How many board game

There is/ are/ was/ were household vocabulary roleplays

The environment There is/ are/ isn’t/ aren’t gapfill guessing

There is/ are/ was/ were and household vocabulary writing tasks

Problems with Have and There are speaking (for Market Leader Elementary but adaptable for other classes)

Problems with some and any speaking  (ditto)

The natural world There is/ There are guessing

There is there are songs

There is Song by Beautiful South (link to lyrics and song on YouTube)

There is a frog song (kids song with animation on YouTube)

and search results for “there are” on A-Z Lyrics here

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Updated 31 October 2022

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