How many are there and ordinal numbers hangman

SPEC 2 Units 10 and 12

Check the spelling of a word that your teacher or another student says by asking how many of each letter is in it and then putting those letters in order. If you are playing for points, you get one point for each time that you get a right letter and five points when you spell the whole word.

Suggested questions about spelling How many letters are there?  

How many As/ Bs/ …s are there?  

Is the first letter M/ N/ …?

Is the second letter O/ P/…?

Is the third letter Q/ R/ S/…?

Is the fourth letter T/ U/…?

Is the fifth letter V/ W/ X/…?

Is the …th letter Y/ Z/…?  

Suggested answers

There are two letters/ three letters/ … letters.  

There are no/ two/ three/ … As/ Bs/ …s.

There is one C/ D/ ….  

Do the same, but without your partner saying the word. They may give hints later if you can’t guess.  

Words to answer questions about

  1. August
  2. Australia
  3. badminton
  4. baseball
  5. basketball
  6. bathroom
  7. bedroom
  8. bees
  9. bicycles
  10. buses
  11. cars
  12. butterflies
  13. cats
  14. cockroaches
  15. coffee
  16. crayons
  17. December
  18. doll
  19. ducks
  20. erasers
  21. February
  22. garage
  23. hamburger
  24. horses
  25. January
  26. Japan
  27. juice
  28. June
  29. kite
  30. marbles
  31. mosquitoes
  32. motorbikes
  33. noodles
  34. November
  35. October
  36. pizza
  37. September
  38. snakes
  39. spring rolls
  40. swimming
  41. table
  42. Taiwan
  43. television
  44. tennis
  45. thirsty
  46. toothbrush


PDF for easy saving and printing: How many are there and ordinal numbers hangman SPEC 2 Units 10 and 12