Teaching young learners articles

Teaching EFL to kids articles. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 19 June 2020

Index pages in this section

Teaching grammar to young learners articles page

Teaching vocabulary to young learners articles page

Articles on arts and crafts in EFL

Articles on teaching numbers (almost all suitable for young learners)

First classes with young learners articles

Stories with young learners articles

How to use songs articles

EFL with very young learners articles

Technology in YL classes articles

Classroom management articles

Games for young learners articles

Other teaching young learners articles

An incredibly simple and effective marking scheme for young learners

How to teach this/ that/ these/ those

How teach directions to young learners

Practice of the time for kids

Teaching and talking about free time with kids

Teaching language through animals

Using simple picture flashcards to teach phonics

Amusement park activities

The perfect CV for a young learner teacher

 How to choose English classes for your young kids

Combining Xmas with a young learners’ syllabus

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Articles by topic main page – NEW LINK

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