IELTS Problems and solutions

IELTS Graduation Unit 6

Is your city a good place to take a holiday? Do you think it could attract more tourists?

Is this a good time of year to take a holiday in your country? What makes you say that?

What are the possible solutions to the following problems?

 Lack of tourists

 Crowding on local buses and the underground

 Lack of cyclists and people commuting on foot

 People all taking trips out of the city at the same time

 Crowded beaches

 Congestion

 High air fares at peak times

 Environmental problems caused by tourism

 Motorcyclists driving on the pavement

 The bad weather in July


Useful language

One possible solution/ answer is…

… might work

If someone/ the government/ the authorities…

I’d suggest/ recommend…

There could be an argument for…

They could try…


What solutions can you think of to the following problem?

It is midday in the west Austrian village of Rattenburg and the bright blue skies overhead, but the inhabitants of the town are squinting in the unworldly twilight. The cause is Stadtberg, a 2,650 ft limestone mountain covered in dense pine forest that stands to the immediate south of the village and completely blocks the low winter sun as it tracks from east to west along the length of the village.

From mid-November to mid-February the village sits permanently in shadow. The result is an all-pervading seasonal gloom that Rattenburg’s leaders argue strikes down its citizens with winter depression and threatens their economic future by driving inhabitants and tourist away.

Read the text on page 91 and see how their solution compares to yours.

Do you think the solution will work and be worth the money?


PDF version for easy printing: IELTS Problems and solutions

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