Christmas vocabulary yes/ no questions games

Christmas vocabulary yes/ no questions games 

Christmas vocabulary 20 questions guessing game

Choose one of the words below and answer Yes/ No questions until your partner guesses what you are thinking of.

Suggested questions

“Is it a food/ person/ drink/ decoration/…?”

“Is it popular/ common in this country/ in the US/ in the UK/ in…?”

“Is it (usually) big/ small/ long/ short/ expensive/ delicious/ sweet/ heavy/ traditional/ religious/ red/…?”

“Have you ever… this?”

“Have you… this this year?”

“Is it made from/ by/ with…?”

“Do you usually see this/ eat this/ buy this/… this at Xmas?”

“Can you… this?”

“Did you buy it/ receive it/ see it/ eat it/… it last Xmas?”

“Will you/ Do you want to… it at Christmas?”

“Do you/ most people/… like this?”

“Did you… last year/ when you were younger/ when you were a child/…?”


Suggested answers/ hints



“Sort of.”/ “Kind of.”/ “You could say that.”

“(You could say that but) not really.”

“(Sorry) I’m not sure.”

“It could be that (from what I’ve said) but I’m thinking of something else.”

Ask about any words below which you can’t understand or couldn’t explain.

Christmas vocabulary personalised speaking games

Christmas vocabulary make me say yes

Ask a Yes No question about Christmas using one of the words below. You get one point if your partner says “Yes, I am/ do/ did/ have/ will/ might/ can” but no points if they say “No” or “I don’t know”.

Do the same, but with one point only for “No” answers, then one point only for “I don’t know” answers.

Christmas vocabulary you must say yes

Respond with “Yes” to all the questions your partner asks you about your Xmas likes, experiences, etc, even if your real answer is yes. After asking you for more details, your partner will guess if your “Yes” answer was true or not.


Xmas vocabulary to talk about

advent calendar                                                                                                  angel

artificial snow/ fake snow/ spray snow                                                bauble

brandy sauce                                                                                         bread sauce

Brussel sprout                                                                                       candle

candy cane                                                                                                          chestnut

chocolate coin                                                                                       Christmas cake

Christmas cake decoration                                                                 Christmas card

Christmas carol                                                                                     Christmas cracker

Christmas light/ fairy light                                                                                   Christmas log

Christmas pudding                                                                                             Christmas stocking

Christmas tree                                                                                       cranberry sauce

(dried) date                                                                                                          eggnog



gingerbread house

gingerbread man




mandarin (orange)/ tangerine

mince pie


mulled wine

nativity scene

nut roast



party popper

pine cone






Santa suit






sugared almond



wrapping paper



First of all without looking above, brainstorm suitable vocabulary into the categories below.

Xmas and New Year food and drink











Xmas and New Year decorations











People and animals related to Xmas and New Year











Traditional Xmas and New Year things specific to this country











How would you describe things above that people might not know, e.g. things in the last section above?


PDF for easy saving and printing: xmas-vocab-yes-no-questions-games

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