Art discussion questions

Art personal questions Student A

 How interested are you in art?

 Did you like art when you were younger? (Has that changed? Why/ Why not?)

 What’s the best exhibition you have ever been to?

 What’s the longest you’ve ever spent looking at one artwork? (What was it about that picture that made you look at it for so long?)

 Who’s your favourite artist? (What do you feel when you see one of his/ her artworks?)

 What do you think about contemporary art? What about in your country?

 Are there any artists that you think are over-rated?

Discussion questions – Art issues Student A

 Do you think art should be subsidised or run under the free market?

 How much of a priority should arts be?

 How well known is contemporary art from your country overseas? Should something be done to make it more well known?

 Is contemporary art in your country too influenced by other countries?

 Is government money spent on art and art education worth it? Should it be cut in difficult economic times?




Art personal questions Student B

 Did your school art lessons make you more or less interested in art? Why?

 What was the last art gallery you went to? What did you think of it?

 What’s the longest you’ve ever spent in an art gallery? (And the shortest?) (Why?)

 What do you think about abstract art?

 Do you think any artists who are around now will be remembered in 50 years?

 When do you think the best art was being produced?

 What is the most you would spend purchasing your favourite picture (assuming you had unlimited money)? (What is the most you would spend on an original painting under your present circumstances?)

Discussion questions – Art issues Student B

 Is it worth teaching children how to make artworks in traditional ways?

 Should museums give back artworks that were taken during war and colonial times?

 What do you think about public sculpture in your town or city?

 What do you think about the museums and art galleries in this area or city? Do you think anything should be done to improve them?

 Which artists from your country are most well known internationally? Do you think their fame is justified? Are there any artists from your country who should be more well known?


PDF version for easy printing: Art discussion questions

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2 Responses to Art discussion questions

  1. gintare says:

    how do you make a line print?

  2. alexcase says:

    What’s a “line print”?

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