Business vocabulary games/ worksheets

Business words and expressions PDFs and lists. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 14 October 2021

Index pages in this section

Business idioms worksheets

Office vocabulary worksheets

Lists of useful business vocabulary

British and American business, finance and money vocabulary list – the twelfth list here

The 150 most useful Business English abbreviations

Photocopiable business vocabulary classroom activities

Explaining meetings vocabulary checking/ clarifying practice (in this e-book) – NEW

Meetings vocabulary collocations (in this e-book) – NEW

Business acronyms and abbreviations presentation

Positive and negative business vocabulary storytelling game

Meetings vocabulary and turn taking practice (with dice game)

Business vocabulary ask and tell personalised speaking coin game

Business vocabulary trends

Company departments roleplay meetings and vocabulary

Career stages vocabulary – NEW LINK

Job benefits ranking and collocations

Company performance vocabulary

Business sectors predictions and action plans (names of sectors vocab)

Business English advice guessing game– with presentation and practice of “make” and “do”

Personality gender guessing game– describing people and problem solving discussion for HR and management

Business English words that can and cannot be shortened

Business and Technical English – Easily confused words

Jobs compound nouns pairwork dictation

Marketing vocabulary and discussion questions

Business vocabulary The same or different pairwork

Business English alphabet and acronyms

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