Present continuous accusations

Choose one of the sentences before and ask your classmates why they are doing that thing. Can anyone think of a good reason?

wearing a nappy


eating an enormous cream cake on your own

bursting a rugby ball

burning your homework

nibbling a piece of wood

stealing money from your Granny’s purse

scratching your bottom

pulling your cat’s whiskers

sharpening your fingernails

carrying an elephant’s tusk

tying your brother or sister’s shoe laces together

putting spiders in a sleeping bag

tickling your cat

hiding your father’s car keys

tearing your textbook

drawing on your friend’s chin

carrying a falcon

riding a buffalo

spinning a tortoise on its back

drinking beer

tearing your teddy’s tummy

pulling your classmate’s ponytail or bunches

shaving your head

smelling your friend’s armpit

stepping on your geography teacher’s toes

putting up your middle finger

putting mud on your thighs

putting crisps in your cousin’s bed

putting staples in your mother’s clothes

shooting rubber bands at your PE teacher

shining a torch in your baby niece’s eyes

breaking pottery

painting on the wall of your dining room

training your dog to attack people

pushing people in the ice rink

hanging upside down from the living room light

playing loud music in your classroom

ripping up the grass in the park

suddenly shouting at your nephew

making your ethics teacher walk the plank

putting clothes pegs on your nephew’s ears

sliding down a flight of stairs on a tray

wearing a cape

scratching the ceiling with a rake

putting leaves in your aunt’s dress


cutting the roots of a tree


giggling in English class


swallowing insects

stealing flowers from the park

slapping your big brother’s cheeks

putting paper clips up your nostrils

sitting down in the entrance to the school

using a watermelon (not a ball) in a bowling alley

putting candy floss (= cotton candy) in your younger sister’s hair

kissing a sea lion

putting the teacher’s lunch into the rubbish bin

putting a mouse into the fridge

Do the same with your own ideas

What other things can you think of that you shouldn’t do at school?


PDF for easy saving and printing: PresentContinuousAccusations

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