Business English first classes games/ worksheets

Typical first lessons topics like needs analysis and small talk PDFs and links. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Updated 18 March 2022

Useful books for first classes

Teaching Social English: Interactive Classroom Activities (for needs analysis, meeting and greeting, starting and ending conversations, small talk, etc) – NEW SECOND EDITION

First classes index pages

Needs analysis worksheets and articles page

Meeting people and greetings worksheets

Starting and ending conversations lessons

Describing your job and company page

Small talk page

Business tense review page

Business English functional language reviews page

Business English first classes articles/ blog posts

Preparing for your first business or ESP class

Business English first lessons (wish list, problems and solutions and lesson plans – on Onestopenglish but viewable for free) – LINK FIXED

Worksheets combining the topics above

First contact brainstorming and jigsaw

First contact functions card game (good practice after the activities above)

Business questions first lesson (leading onto lots of explanation of English question formation and other GTKY activities)

Talking about your job and company First class

Needs analysis and business small talk review

Related pages

First classes main page

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