Business English and ESP first classes games/ worksheets

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Meeting people and greetings worksheets

Starting and ending conversations lessons

Articles and lesson ideas on teaching first classes

How to make sure students get what the need from day one

Preparing for your first business or ESP class

Business English first lessons (wish list, problems and solutions and lesson plans – on Onestopenglish but viewable for free)

Worksheets for first classes (see Needs analysis link above for many many more of these)

Needs analysis worksheets for specific classes

Dealing with enquiries needs analysis and review (indirect questions)

Writing needs analysis pairwork

Meetings and negotiations needs analysis (leading onto a negotiation of lesson content for a very relevant reason)

Emailing and telephoning needs analysis

Business speaking and listening needs analysis

Other Business/ ESP first lessons

Business questions first lesson (leading onto lots of explanation of English question formation and other GTKY activities)

Business verbs needs analysis

Talking about your job and company First class

Business English tense review

Needs analysis and business small talk review

Business needs analysis ranking

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