Dealing with foreign guests meeting criteria board game


Put one counter each on the Start square (e.g. an eraser). Roleplay the situation in the square with your partner. As you are speaking, they will tick the criteria below that you do. After you finish speaking, you can move one square for each thing that they ticked, e.g. two squares if they ticked “Giving the right information” and “Being friendly”.


  • Successfully doing the thing the square says
  • Giving the right information/ Clear explanations
  • Being polite/ Formal language
  • Being friendly/ Informal language
  • Avoiding silence (speaking fluently, filling all silence, thinking aloud, not pausing too much, etc)
  • Using language that you have studied during your course (for example last week)
4. Decide with a colleague where are the best places to take the foreign guest(s) to socialise  

3. Email the guest(s) to explain their accommodation and suggested schedule for their trip

2. Phone a hotel to book accommodation for your guest(s) 1. START

A foreign client phones to say they want to come to your country (for one night/ two days) and meet you

5. Phone the guest(s) to invite them to also socialise in the evening 6. Decide with a colleague what each of you will need to do with the guest(s) while they are here 7. Meet the guest(s) (for the first time) at the airport 8. Make small talk in the taxi from the airport
12. Give the guest(s) instructions on how to get to the restaurant where you will meet tonight 11. Give the guest(s) a PowerPoint presentation explaining your company 10. Take the guest (s) on a tour of your company, introducing them to more people during the tour  

9. Introduce the foreign guest(s) to your boss

13. Suggest some touristy things they can do in the afternoon until you meet for dinner  

14. Meet at the restaurant


15. Discuss the menu and what to order


16. Make small talk about the food

Get a taxi for your guests and say goodbye (because they will fly home early the next morning)



19. Finish the meal and pay

18. Make other small talk 17. Talk about cultural differences in your country such as table manners

When you finish the game, brainstorm useful phrases for each situation.

Are there any cultural differences in the situations above?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Dealing with foreign guests meeting criteria board game

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