64 EFL board games (TEFLtastic classics part 23)

Board games PDFs and teaching ideas for EFL classes, part of the TEFLtastic Classics series of the most adaptable activities in TEFL. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 21 July 2o20

Using board games articles and blog posts

19 simple, fun and effective ESL board games

Meeting criteria games (TEFLtastic Classics Part 39)

Photocopiable EFL board games

Telephoning meeting criteria board game (in this e-book) – NEW

Social English meeting criteria board game (in this e-book)

Small talk meeting criteria board game (in this e-book)

Meeting people criteria board game

Countable and uncountable categories and examples board game

Uncountable categories with countable examples personalised speaking board game

Dealing with requests and enquiries politeness competition board game

FCE Speaking Part One functional language board game

Dealing with foreign guests meeting criteria board game

Different kinds of business communication meeting criteria board game

24 versions of the rotating revision board game (extended speaking and coming up with many correct answers versions)

Present Simple personalised speaking board game

IELTS Speaking Part One board game and useful phrases

Infinitive of purpose adventure board game

There is/ There are How many board game

Forgetting board game

Telephone email or face to face board game

Telephoning problems challenge board game

Telephoning phrasal verbs and prepositions board game

University challenge board game (university vocabulary and dealing with academic life)

Video- and teleconference stages board game

Air travel English challenge board game and lesson plan

I’ll put the other ones up here as they go up in the next month or so.

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