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New classroom language page

This was briefly my chosen specialist subject, so it’s quite a big and mixed page, including: – Flashcards – Classroom worksheets – Teacher training worksheets – Lists of useful language for classroom objects, verbs you can do with them, and … Continue reading

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The big list of big lists of teacher talk

When I say “teacher talk”, I mean English words and phrases that teachers can use in class to improve the amount and quality of language in their interactions. Not only is that an infinite topic, but I had a severe … Continue reading

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Some provocative quotes on elicitation from the latest ETP

and a nice summary of ELT publishers’ marketing from Darren Elliott at the bottom From “Question-and-answer” by Peter Wells, from English Teaching Professional Issue 69 July 2010: “Prone as students are to ignore their teacher, they’re even more prone to … Continue reading

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New UsingEnglish.com stuff

The EFL Dictionary of Football is up to I and still lots of fun- get involved and add your own favourite idioms (“nutmeg” is already in, but haven’t decided about “park the bus” yet) Other worksheets and articles: Classroom language for … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles and ideas April 2010

Might’ve listed the ones nearer the bottom before, but been a while since I’ve done one of these updates, so maybe not: 15 no prep games with just little scraps of paper – LINK FIXED 15 zero prep games with (whole) … Continue reading

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New TEFL PDFs April 2010 Part One

Your stressful week (Simple Past and Present Perfect, with bluff game) https://tefltastic.wordpress.com/worksheets/business-esp/market-leader/ml-pre/stressful-week/ Stress at work Guess the job Rules for host families sentence completion pairwork (dependant prepositions and verb patterns) https://tefltastic.wordpress.com/worksheets/inside-out/io-upper-u2/host-family-rules/ Describing your city Similarities and differences Possessions discussion questions … Continue reading

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New TEFLtastic communication games March 2010 Part Three

It suddenly occured to me that when I argue with people about the value of worksheets, we are often basically not talking about the same thing. I don’t do gapfills and other mechanical written grammar and vocab exercises in class … Continue reading

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New classroom language worksheets and phrase lists

For teacher training, self study and/ or classroom use, to get the teacher and/ or the students using more and better English in class. All mine and all on Usingenglish.com: Pronunciation what sound is it? Phraselist for praising, encouraging and consoling Classroom … Continue reading

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What to do with morphases.com

Morphases is a face photo manipulation programme that is easy to use and was the biggest hit of the month with my 8 to 11 year olds, with them fighting to speak English to tell me how to change the … Continue reading

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New photocopiable worksheets May 2009

These ones on Usingenglish.com: Timetable Battleships (telling the time, Present Simple for routines and school subjects- for young learners and beginner adults) Telephoning Communication Breakdowns Roleplays (see my telephoning worksheets for more of the same) Present Simple and Continuous Taboo Topics … Continue reading

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