Feelings and amusement park vocabulary

Listen to your teacher say a feelings word and say which of the things could make you feel that way:

the queue for the ticket office                  cotton candy (= candy floss)

parade                                                       circus tent

bumper cars                                   Sheer Drop/ Oblivion

tea cups                                                     carousel (= merry go round)

monorail                                                     Ferris wheel (= big wheel)

roller coaster                                  maze

entrance                                                     exit

castle                                              bursting balloons

open air stage                                           bandstand

theatre                                                        puppet show

waxworks                                                   animatrix show

haunted house                                          log flume (= water slide)

botanical gardens                          petting zoo

bouncy castle                                            ball pool

waterslide                                                  wave machine

pirate ship                                                  dolphin show

boating pond                                  lake

3D cinema/ IMAX theatre              nappy changing room

cafeteria/ snack bar                       aquarium

sea lion show/ seal show

Put at least one of thing in amusement parks for each of the feelings below:

confused                                                              excited

upset                                                                     surprised/ shocked

angry/ furious                                                        dizzy

hungry/ starving                                                    thirsty

sick/ ill                                                                   annoyed/ irritated

anxious/ worried/ stressed/ nervous        scared/ frightened/ afraid

calm/ unstressed/ relaxed                        bored/ uninterested

interested                                                             amused

sleepy/ tired/ exhausted                           impatient

disappointed                                             disgusted

relieved                                                                 impressed


Do the same for these adjectives:

fast                           smelly            fantastic                    high

delicious                  amazing                    exciting                     dangerous
Design an amusement park/ theme park. Label each thing in the park with its name, and with one adjective surrounding it and one adjective for how it will make you feel.

Take one thing to represent each person and act out moving around the park having conversations as you go, e.g. “This looks too scary” “Oh, come on. It’ll be fun!”

Read out the similar conversation below

Alex: Okay, what do we want to do now?

Lucy: I want to go on the Katanga Canyon. I like water rides.

Alex: Mm, I don’t mind going on them but they’re not very exciting. In fact, they are boring.

Lucy: Look at that. It’s fantastic!

Alex: What? What are you excited about?

Lucy: Over there. That’s amazing. I want to go on that!

Alex: I’m not so sure. I don’t like heights.

Lucy: Oh, come on. It’s great. Don’t be frightened.

Alex: Oh, all right.

After the ride

Lucy: Are you okay, Alex? You look a little ill.

Alex: I’m fine.

Lucy: Do you want to go on it again?

Alex: No, I don’t!

Lucy: Ha ha, you’re scared. Chicken!

How do you feel about the rides in the dialogue and on the first worksheet?               

“I love/ really like/ like/ don’t mind/ don’t like/ hate…”


PDF version for easy saving and printing:Feelings amusement park vocab

More worksheets on this topic: Feelings vocabulary young learner games/ worksheets

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