Can can’t sports mimes lower level version

Choose a card from below and mime doing or not successfully doing that thing until your partner guesses the sentence, e.g. miming crashing a car until your partner guesses “I can’t drive”. You can make sound effects, but you can’t speak. 

I can walk I can’t walk
I can drive I can’t drive
I can jump I can’t jump
I can hop I can’t hop
I can ski I can’t ski
I can catch I can’t catch
I can throw I can’t throw
I can punch I can’t punch
I can hit a ball I can’t hit a ball
I can surf I can’t surf
I can swim I can’t swim
I can run I can’t run
I can bounce a ball I can’t bounce a ball
I can kick a ball I can’t kick a ball
I can head a ball I can’t head a ball
I can dive I can’t dive
I can touch my toes I can’t touch my toes
I can climb I can’t climb
I can skate I can’t skate
I can ride a horse I can’t ride a horse
I can play tennis I can’t play tennis
I can windsurf I can’t windsurf
I can throw a ball I can’t throw a ball


PDF for easy saving and printing: Can sports mimes lower level version

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