Ghost stories phrasal verbs

New Headway Pre-Intermediate Unit 12 pg 98/99

Story 1

The verb plus preposition/ adverb phrases below all come from one story about ghosts. With your partner, discuss what the phrasal verbs mean and try to guess the story.

work as

get rid of

come back

sort them out

trapped between

move on to

get out of bed and come downstairs

sit on the end of the bed

moved the bed from one part of the room to the other

is in his way

throw out of the house

go away

Read the story and check. How is it the same as and different from how you thought it would be?

Read again more carefully and answer the questions in Exercise 3.

Work together and tell the story using the phrasal verbs above.

Work together and tell the story without looking at the phrasal verbs above (you don’t have to use the same words)

Story 2

Do the same with the phrasal verbs below

is at home

go away

is away

go back immediately

is in a lot of danger

come back again

is in good health


PDF version for easy saving and printing:  Ghost stories phrasal verbs

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