Love and Marriage vocabulary discussion questions

1. What kind of person do you usually fancy?

2. What’s the best/ worst chat up line you’ve ever heard, heard of or used?

3. What works best, being flirtatious or playing hard to get?

4. Do you believe in love at first sight?

5. How do you feel/ how have you felt before a first date?

6. Would you ever go on a blind date/ double date?

7. Do you know anyone who’s used a dating agency?

8. Do you think people necessarily have to settle down and change their lives once they have children?

9. Do you agree with living together before marriage?

10. Do you think arranged marriages can work?

11. Describe traditional wedding clothes and customs in your country. Do you know how things are different in England?

12. Do you prefer the idea of a traditional marriage or something different or modern?

13. Do you think people get divorced too readily nowadays? What do you think the solution is?

14. In Britain, the mother almost always gets custody of the child. Is it the same in your country and do you think it’s fair?

15. Do you think men and women can be just good friends?

16. Would you mind if someone you were going out with stayed in touch with their ex(s)?


PDF version for easy printing: Love and Marriage Disc Qs

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