Comparing and contrasting games/ worksheets

Over 30 pdfs and other teaching ideas for explaining similarities and differences. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 2 June 2022

Teaching comparing/ contrasting article

How to teach comparing/ contrasting – LINK UPDATED

Photocopiable comparing and contrasting classroom activities

Comparing/ contrasting language key word sentence transformations

Comparing marketing methods discussion (with marketing collocations)

Explaining education in your country comparing and contrasting practice

Comparing and contrasting phrases synonyms

Comparing and contrasting questions and answers (with updated version of the brainstorming and ranking thing below)

Compare and contrast the places (difficult country and city names and comparing contrasting)

Brainstorm and rank comparing and contrasting phrases

IELTS Speaking comparing and contrasting questions

Contrasting phrases The same or different

Comparing contrasting The same or different

Compare and contrast your writing (with a huge review of comparing/ contrasting language)

Comparing and contrasting Getting to know you games (for FCE Speaking Parts One and Two, but useful for other classes)

Comparing places and things for tourists (specific to Japan but easily adaptable)

Comparing language Discuss and agree

Comparing and contrasting your weeks

Academic Word List comparing and contrasting phrases presentation and practice (with a brainstorming comparing and contrasting phrases presentation stage that is useful for all classes studying this point in detail)

Compare the useful words to talk about academic writing (advice, common confusions, and the language of comparing)

Comparing and contrasting Academic writing tasks

Rank and use the comparing and contrasting phrases for FCE Speaking Part Two

Use of English Part Three word formation practice of comparing and contrasting for Speaking Part Two

Use of English Part Two open cloze practice of comparing contrasting for Speaking Part Two

Use of English Part One multiple choice cloze practice of comparing contrasting for Speaking Part Two

Comparing and contrasting language for IELTS writing and speaking

IELTS Academic exam overview – comparing and contrasting practice

IELTS Reading Compare your tactics and results (a rather bizarre combination of skills and functional language, but just about worked as revision for my class)

Compare and contrast education vocabulary (with useful phrases)

Trends and comparing contrasting

Compare your FCE Writing Part Two articles (with useful phrases)

False friends in English and Japanese contrasting practice

Explaining Japanese things comparing and contrasting practice (mainly food and drink)

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Comparatives and superlatives page

Advantages and disadvantages/ looking at both sides page

TEFLtastic classics The Same or Different (get students to use the comparing and contrasting phrases as they discuss how similar or different pairs of words are – 15 worksheets)

IELTS Writing Part One page

FCE Speaking Part Two page

Linking expressions page (including addition and concession)

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