Trends affecting cities

Describe the trend (over the years or maybe over one year) of one of the aspects of this city that are written below until your partner guesses what you are speaking about (maybe after drawing what they are saying to make sure you understand). Does your partner agree with your description? 

–       Affected by globalization/ Linked to the world economy

–       Air quality

–       Average age

–       Average salary

–       Commuting times

–       Construction

–       Cosmopolitanism

–       Cost of living

–       Crowding

–       Destruction of historic heritage

–       Employment in one particular sector

–       Fame

–       Fashionableness

–       Foreign tourists

–       Gentrification

–       Green spaces

–       Height/ Number of high rise buildings/ skyscrapers

–       Homelessness

–       Immigration/ Internal immigration

–       Importance in this country

–       Industry

–       Moving out of the city centre (= downtown)

–       Number of cars

–       People living in flats (= apartments)

–       Pollution

–       Popularity of a local festival/ local festivals

–       Population

–       Populations/ Size/ Number of satellite towns/ dormitory towns/ commuter towns

–       Poverty

–       Power/ Influence of town hall (=local government)

–       Property prices

–       Quality of public transport

–       Road construction

–       Rundown buildings/ areas

–       Shopping in the High Street (= Main Street)

–       Single member households

–       Size

–       Size of apartments

–       Suburbs

–       Urbanisation


PDF version for easy saving and printing: city-trends

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