Turn taking games/ worksheets

Updated 24 June 2018

Other turn taking index pages

Interrupting page

Active listening page

Article with turn taking teaching ideas (including games)

How to teach turn taking

Photocopiable turn taking classroom activities

Turn taking and active listening game – NEW

Meetings vocabulary and turn taking practice (with dice game)

Things to do when you interrupt

Turn taking functions card game

Make turn taking phrases from key words

Turn taking roleplays

Turn taking politeness competition speaking game

Conversational reactions Answer me

Conversational reactions Answer me

Asking for opinions key words and phrases

Headlines vocabulary extended speaking

Pausing/ Filling silence speaking and phrases

Other worksheets including turn taking

Post-discussion discussion and brainstorming

Discussion skills phrases miming game

Related pages

Meetings and negotiations page

FCE Speaking Parts Three and Four page (article and worksheets on this colloborative speaking task, with a real emphasis on turn taking)


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