Festivals and celebrations like and would like practice

Part One: Xmas and New Year like and would Make me say Yes 

Ask your partner questions about doing the things on the next page over the Xmas and New Year period. You get one point if they say “Yes, I do/ would”, but no points for any other response, e.g. “No, I don’t/ wouldn’t” or “Actually…” You therefore need to think carefully about their likely experiences and feelings before asking each question.

Useful language for responding to like and would like questions

Yes, I do. (I love it).

Yes, I would. (I would love to).

Yes, I think so./ Yes, I guess so./ Yes, I suppose so.

Hmmm, it’s okay.

Hmmm, it sounds okay.

Well, I used to, but not anymore. (Nowadays I…)

No, I don’t. (I…)

No, I wouldn’t. (I…)

Actually, I’ve never…

Actually, I have… before./ Actually, I often…





Things to make like and would like questions about

  • buy really expensive Xmas presents
  • cook your own Xmas cake
  • count down to the New Year
  • crack your own nuts with nutcrackers
  • decorate a cake
  • dress up as Santa
  • drink brandy/ Cognac
  • drink eggnog (an egg liqueur)
  • drink rice wine
  • drink/ make mulled wine (= hot wine with spices)
  • eat (dried) dates
  • eat (hot) Xmas pudding (with a little sugar sprinkled on top/ brandy sauce/ fresh cream/ spray cream/ vanilla ice cream)
  • eat a fresh cream strawberry sponge cake for Xmas
  • eat bamboo shoots
  • eat black beans
  • eat Brussel sprouts
  • eat chewy rice cake
  • eat dried figs
  • eat goose
  • eat hot red bean soup
  • eat KFC during Xmas
  • eat mashed chestnuts
  • eat mince pies with fresh cream
  • eat out on Xmas Day
  • eat reindeer
  • eat roast potatoes
  • eat seaweed
  • eat turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce
  • fill someone’s Xmas stocking
  • find a coin in your Christmas pudding
  • find out your fortune for the year
  • get a real bargain in the January sales
  • go away for Xmas/ New Year
  • go clubbing on New Year’s Eve
  • go ice skating
  • go skiing
  • go to a football stadium in the winter
  • go to midnight mass
  • go to the theatre during the winter season (to a see a panto = pantomime)
  • have a party in your workplace (e.g. your office)
  • have a romantic meal on Xmas Day
  • have a vegetarian Xmas dinner
  • have a winter sun holiday/ spend Xmas and New Year in a sunny country
  • make homemade Xmas cards
  • make homemade Xmas decorations (table decorations, wreath, etc)
  • make mulled wine
  • make roast turkey
  • make your own chewy rice cake
  • open the doors on an advent calendar
  • overeat over the winter holidays
  • play board games with your family
  • play card games with your family
  • pretend to be Santa
  • pull Christmas crackers
  • put up a Christmas stocking
  • put up New Year decorations (pine cones, pine branches, chewy rice cakes, mandarin oranges/ tangerines, etc)
  • put up Xmas decorations (Xmas tree, star, fairy lights, baubles, tinsel, etc)
  • put Xmas decorations outside your house (a sleigh, life-sized Santa, fake snow, etc)
  • queue up outside the shops before they open for the January sales
  • receive cash for a present
  • receive lots of Christmas cards
  • receive Xmas presents from your children
  • ring the temple bell
  • see the Northern Lights (= aurora borealis)
  • send New Year postcards
  • set off party poppers
  • set up a nativity scene (with models of a stable, manger, baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, cows, horses, donkeys, sheep, shepherds, the magi/ three wise men, star, hay, etc)
  • sing English Xmas songs
  • spend a lot of money on presents
  • spray fake snow on your windows (through stencils)
  • stay in an ice hotel
  • stuff a chicken or turkey
  • watch the Queen’s/ King’s/ Emperor’s/ Empress’s annual speech
  • watch the sunrise
  • watch TV until midnight on New Year’s Eve
  • watch Xmas movies


Ask about anything above which you don’t understand, trying to make a true “like” or “would like” sentence about your partner each time.

Play the same game, but this time asking about other festivals and celebrations such as those on the next page.


Other festivals and celebrations to ask about

  • All Saints Day/ (Mexican) Day of the Dead
  • April Fool’s Day
  • Armistice Day/ Remembrance Day/ War Memorial Day/ Poppy Day
  • Bonfire Night/ Guy Fawkes Night
  • Buddhist festivals
  • Carnival/ Mardi Gras/ Pancake Day
  • Cherry blossom viewing
  • Children’s Day
  • Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year
  • Coming of Age Day
  • Constitution Day/ Independence Day
  • Diwali
  • Easter (Good Friday etc)/ Semana Santa
  • Eid (ul Fitr)
  • Emperor’s birthday/ King’s birthday/ Queen’s birthday
  • Firefighting festival
  • Gay Pride
  • Halloween
  • Hanukkah
  • Holi
  • Japanese O-bon
  • Lent
  • May Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • National holidays/ Bank holidays
  • Oktoberfest
  • Pocky Day/ Peppero Day
  • Ramadan
  • Running of the Bulls
  • Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Shrove Tuesday/ Pancake Day
  • Snow Festival
  • Tanabata
  • Teacher’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Tomato Throwing Festival
  • Valentine’s Day
  • White Day


PDF for easy saving and printing:like-would-like-celebrations

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