Collocations games/ worksheets

Classroom materials for noun + noun, verb + noun, adjective + preposition, etc. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Articles on teaching collocations

Collocations practice games – LINK UPDATED

Combining collocations and pronunciation

Review of teaching collocations book

Teaching Chunks of Language review

Index pages in this section

Compound nouns page

Other relevant pages

Dependent prepositions games/ worksheets

Idioms worksheets

Vocabulary main page

Photocopiable collocations classroom activities

Collocations in IELTS Speaking Part One phrases (in this cheap e-book) – NEW

Meetings vocabulary collocations (in this bargain e-book)

Clothes and accessories collocations

Work and leisure collocations with adverbs of frequency (including play, go and do)

Opinions on travel vocabulary (with travel collocations)

CPE collocations dominoes (Use of English Part One and Part Two)

British and American technical English collocations dominoes

Environmental collocations first conditional pelmanism

Expressions with make and do giving advice speaking practice

British and American engineering vocabulary games (including miming, drawing, jigsaw, reversi, and dominoes, plus collocations practice)

Expressions with get problems and solutions

Be and have for describing appearance games

Make the collocations counting syllables practice

English collocations counting syllables consonant clusters practice

Meetings on the topic of travel (with travel collocations)

Academic word list collocations guessing game

Guess the body part collocations and actions

Email vocabulary and collocations

Meetings and negotiations collocations dominoes

Email and telephone vocabulary collocations

Do collocations discussion questions

Sports and hobbies collocations game

Classroom language collocations snap (teacher training worksheet)

Generalising/ hedging key words and collocations game

Telephoning troubles collocations pairwork

Do, play, go and go to with sports speaking

Updated 7 August 2022

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